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Sustainable Holidays

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Looking for an unforgettable holiday, while also being sustainable?

Then it is time to visit Malta! Just imagine, away from the hustle and bustle of the towns, the old meets new through the development of natural produce. Follow as a local beekeeper makes honey so deliciously golden and thick, that you will agree that it is the bee’s knees. Catch a glimpse of a local salter sieving natural rock salt in one of the glistening salt pans by the sea. Or perhaps you would prefer to visit one of our natural parks, in order to venture into a green zone and be at one with nature.

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    The Malta Tourism Authority assumes no liability for any third party activities featured on its website, and is not responsible for any acts or omissions of the parties listed herein. Any third party’s activities are subject to their own individual business terms and conditions. Please contact the organiser of such activities directly for any inquiries. Furthermore, the Malta Tourism Authority assumes no liability for any permits, safety, security and insurance of any activity, whether taking place in a private or public location, that is listed on its website.

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